Digby Hoets Pottery

Pots no longer in stock plus some examples of pots in Homes, Offices, Hotels and Gardens

A selection of images of pots made by Digby from various locations (businesses, private homes, gardens).
For examples of handbasins scroll down to end of section)
A kiln of 12 pots is fired approximately once a month.

See POTS IN STOCK for what is currently available.
Above: One of Digby's pots at the home of South African artist Wilma Cruise and her husband John in Noordhoek, Cape Town, South Africa and below at a home in Bryanston, Johannesburg

The following are a selection of pots. Please check the pots in stock section for details on size, price and the number available (photographs: Ronnie Watt or Digby Hoets)

Below: a selection of basins. These are made to order and can be free-standing or set into the counter
Below: More examples of pots that Digby has made over the years
A few images of some smaller pots that Digby Has been making recently (around 25cmx25cm)